How Connectivity is Revolutionizing Everything

Technology is continuously changing the world we live in – what we buy, how we view content, how we engage with other people, how a brand motivate its followers, and even how we define ourselves. This week, GigaOM looked at 10 different areas in our lives and studied how technology has changed them now and what we should expect in the future. Here are a few of our favorite thoughts:

Data is the new digital currency

 “Connected data brings with it life-altering promise for those willing to embrace data as a currency. Imagine a digital profile traveling with you as you peruse the web, letting sites with analytics capabilities know who you are and what your preferences are. Without having to select preferences or even log in to each site, information, products, music — whatever you care about — would emerge. But it doesn’t stop with the digital world. For example, a customer loyalty card connected to your digital profile swiped at the entrance to a building could bring about a truly personalized shopping experience full of unique offers and specialized services.”

Where is the new who

 Advertisers and brick-and-mortar retailers are still trying to figure out the best ways to help consumers pull relevant location-based information as well as push valuable deals and data to them — and not get rejected as spam or be seen as stalkers. Many are still waiting for a killer app, whether that’s local ads, or location-relevant coupons. Emerging companies are helping marketers and developers leverage location to reach consumers.”

 The future web is alive

I called it the Alive Web, though mostly due to lack of a better way of describing it. It’s a web that is organic, alive, in real-time and as unpredictable as the people who use it. This is the web that changes all the time, every time, much like the real world. What’s behind the Alive Web? Connectedness! With more than a billion broadband connections and half a billion fast wireless connections, the Internet of today is a whole lot faster and much easier to access. In some parts of the world (and increasingly more each day), we are almost always connected and this gives an opportunity to experience a web that is more immersive and interactive.

 Identity is an industry now

 “The bottom line is that identity has become a very big business online, and providing the means to verify and support that identity — as well as to track and target advertising based on it — is seen as a crucial part of any web company.” 

 We are all media now

 “In a world of connected devices and always-on networks, everyone is now a member of the media. While the full ramifications of this are still becoming clear, they have already been profound: Social-media tools that allow anyone to become a publisher have created democracy of distribution that has torn down the barriers between the media and everyday life. News consumers who used to stick to one or two newspapers and a TV channel are using social networks and apps to curate their news from a variety of sources — some of them mainstream, but many of them not.”

Other areas examined: Cars, Stuff, Body, Work, Travel